Bettina Schülke

Video: Max Pointinger

Video: Max Pointinger

Eröffnung: Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2020, 19:00 Uhr

BETTINA SCHÜLKE - Prozesse der Umwandlung

2.7. - 15.8. 2020

Bellart Galerie, Fasangasse 42, 1030 Wien

"Precisely in times when we are permanently swamped with thousands of images from social networks and digital media, Bettina Schülke strives to counter this visual overload with ingenious materiality and tactile sensuousness. This and other aspects of her multifaceted art are what make her work so special to me."


Bettina Schülke (*1967) is an Austrian multimedia artist living and working in Vienna with an unique academic, scientific and artistic background. Transformation can be seen as a process, something that takes place in time and space. Processes can become visible in different ways: In Schülke’s works, such PROCESSES OF TRANSFORMATION play a vital role. This can affect both the appearance of the works and their perception, the chosen content, the involvement of the viewer, as well as the different artistic media for the implementation of these topics. The upcoming solo exhibition of Bettina Schülke will feature textile works, drawings, paintings, video and objects and it will also be a reflection to the new era of rapidly changing environment and life as we used to know it.

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